As pool season approaches, many Cypress pool owners are going to be faced with the challenge of “opening” their swimming pool. This can be a daunting task for many people, so we have put together a simple step-by-step plan to show you how to open a Cypress pool and walk you through the process.  1. Swimming Pool  Read More

Swimming pools have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. It would seem that people have always had an affinity for lounging in or near the water. Perhaps it is our innate desire to be close to a water source, or maybe it has everything to do with the need to unwind. Regardless of  Read More

While it cannot be denied that Houston homeowners love their swimming pools, there is a huge debate regarding the best decking for the pool. If you have made the decision to install a swimming pool, then you have undoubtedly discovered that there are many different types of pool decking materials available. With so many different trends  Read More

Are you interested in designing a Katy pool that has a sleek, modern aesthetic? Most modern pools are minimalistic, which means that the challenge is not determining what to add, but figuring out how to keep the look clean and simple. As you put together plans for your new pool, consider the following 5 design features  Read More

Lets have a discussion about something that you might not have ever considered before. If someone were to ask you about your favorite pool surface, how would you respond? Many people would stare blankly while others would just admit that they have no idea what is being asked of them. While the pool surface has  Read More