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Environmental debris can be a real hassle to pool owners. Leaves, insects and twigs, to name a few, fall or get blown into pools every day. But if left to sink to the bottom of the pool, they can create a variety of issues. The most common problem is algae. Spores are introduced into the pool water through environmental debris. When the debris lingers in the water or sinks to the bottom, the spores have a chance to multiply and spread throughout the pool environment, clinging to surfaces or creating floating algae blooms. Once you have an algae problem, it takes a lot of effort, and chemicals, to eradicate it. The best approach is prevention.

A Pool Skimmer That Removes Even Large Debris

Why wait for something to become a problem if you can prevent it in the first place? We recommend the QuikSkim. This Venturi-powered quick skimmer was created by A&A Manufacturing, a leader in pool maintenance innovation, to capture and remove environmental debris before it has a chance to sink to the bottom. Powered by cutting edge Venturi technology, this unique skimmer provides the power and efficiency of two pumps while only using one so you save on energy costs while enjoying a cleaner pool.

The QuikSkim runs by continually recycling its own energy, which results in increased energy efficiency and increased savings for you! A perfect complement to our A&A Manufacturing in-floor cleaning system, the QuikSkim is another product that takes the hassle out of being a pool owner and gives your more time to enjoy backyard living with your family. 

Like many of our other products, the QuikSkim was designed with safety in mind. The only skimmer on the market with a patented anti-entrapment feature, A&A Manufacturing’s QuikSkim gives you piece of mind knowing that if the device should become blocked by an entrapment, the swimmer will always be quickly and safely released. For an added layer of safety, the QuikSkim can be used in conjunction with our Anti Vortex Single Channel (AVSC) or Powerful Debris Removing (PDR) drains. 


A&A Manufacturing QuickSkim