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Benefits of Building a Houston Swimming Pool in the Winter | Cypress Custom Pools

Choosing to add a Houston swimming pool to your backyard living environment is big decision for many people. Not only do you need to decide where to put your pool and what type of pool to get, but you also need to decide when to build your swimming pool. For many people, the best time of the year to build a swimming pool is in the winter and for good reason.

One of the best reasons to choose winter to build your swimming pool is to have top pick of the pool experts in your town. Because most people don’t think about building a pool until the weather turns warmer, the best Houston pool builders start to get booked up at the same time. If you choose winter to start calling and talking with builders, you will have more flexibility regarding availability and you won’t have to settle for the only company who has an opening during the busy season.

If you choose to have your pool built during the winter, then when the warmer weather rolls around, you will be already to jump in and enjoy it. Waiting until spring to get going on new pool construction could mean that you will have to settle for swimming somewhere else while you are waiting for your pool to be finished. Your builder will also have more time for your project in the winter when the workload is smaller, which could be mean better customer service since you will only be one of a few clients during winter.

Perhaps the best reason of all for choosing to build in the winter is that you may be able to get a discount from your pool builder. If business is slower in the winter, many companies offer sales or other discounts to motivate prospective pool buyers. Although you should not let price be the only factor when deciding on which pool builder to choose, it is definitely a great reason to choose to build your pool in the winter instead of spring or summer.