Tips to Help You Design Your Dream Pool

While a plain rectangular pool is certainly functional, you may be looking for something a little bit more. At Cypress Custom Pools, we offer custom pool designs so you can create and build the exact pool you want. The custom pool designer who works with you will hold your hand through the whole process and help you create a pool and backyard oasis you’re going to love spending time in.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at (281) 351-6113 and speak with a designer now. We service Houston, Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands, Conroe, CyFair, Spring, Tomball, Humble, Magnolia, Kingwood, and the surrounding areas and we’re ready to help you create the amazing pool and backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Schedule a Design Consultation

The first step for designing a custom pool is to set up a consultation with a custom pool design professional. The custom pool designer you work with will help you throughout the process of designing your pool, from figuring out what you want to making sure everything works together and looks amazing. Before your consultation, take a look at our Facebook page for loads of awesome pool pictures.

Think About the Size, Shape, and Depth

Rectangular pools are perfect for swimming laps and exercise and are still a popular option today. However, with a custom pool, you can create a free-form design that works better for your family as well. Consider what your family wants, including the shape, the depth, slides, a swim-up bar, stools, sundecks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and more. Get a rough idea of what you and your family want, then your designer will take it from there.

What Extra Features Do You Want?

Extra features can make your pool look amazing and add elegance or artistic style to your pool. Consider a rock waterfall, a grotto, bubblers, deck jets, and laminars for your pool. Rock waterfalls and other water features not only add to how your pool looks, but they add white noise that’s perfect for covering up the busy sounds around your home. Firepits and outdoor kitchens are great for relaxing in your backyard or for entertaining guests. Deck jets and laminars can add to the overall look and make your pool look amazing.

You may also want to think about pool slides or LED lights that can help light up your pool at night. There are tons of options for pool slides that your kids will love. LED lights can be one particular color you prefer or can change colors to match your mood. They can illuminate the pool at night or be strategically placed in the landscaping to create the perfect view when you’re outside. These features add more to the look of your pool, can help it look more like a natural oasis, and can create ambiance whether it’s just you and your partner relaxing in the evening or you’re having guests over.

Consider Landscaping Options Around Your Pool

Landscaping can really change the way your pool looks. Take your pool from a bare, boring pool to an oasis area with large flowers or plants that look amazing. This can help change the ambiance and make the pool look more natural. Consider plants that are easy to care for and think about the potential for plants or dirt to get into your pool when you’re planning the landscaping.

Use Your Pool as the Feature in a Backyard Oasis

If you’re looking for a backyard oasis, instead of just a custom pool, think about other features you can add to your backyard to enhance the look and functionality of your backyard and that would work well with your pool. Outdoor kitchens can include grills, refrigerators, kegerators, and more so you can have a fantastic time entertaining outside. Outdoor living areas can create a perfect place to sit and relax in the evenings when you’re not swimming and can be designed to complement your custom pool. Add to the view and functionality of your pool with an outdoor fireplace, a gazebo or pergola. All of this can be designed to work with your pool lighting and pool landscaping to truly transform your backyard into a place you’re going to love.

Selecting and Designer and Builder is Important

When you have a rough idea of what you want, selecting the perfect designer to work with is important. You want to make sure they’re going to walk you through the design process and be able to help you create the pool of your dreams.  We have been in business since 1995 and have built over 3,000 pools. Our pools are built to the highest standards and our award-winning design team focuses on your needs throughout the design process. Our prior customers are highly satisfied with the work we’ve done and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way when you’re swimming in your new pool.

Start Working with a Designer

The next step is to start working with a custom pool designer. Give us a call at (281) 351-6113 or email us at to schedule a design consultation or get more information. The pool designer you work with will take your ideas and come up with a plan to create exactly what you want. They’ll work with you through the process to ensure the end pool is the one you’ve been dreaming of and to make sure you’re going to love your new pool and backyard.

If you’re ready to install a pool in your backyard, start thinking about what you really want today. From the size and shape to the added features, landscaping, and backyard around your pool, you have the chance to create an entire backyard oasis you’re going to love spending time in as much as possible. If you have a few ideas ready and you want to start working with a designer, give us a call today. We’re ready to help you create the pool of your dreams!