Every year millions of dollars are spent on updating Cypress homes and rebuilding garages, but how much money are you investing into your swimming pool and spa area? This portion of your home was a large investment, so why would you sit by and allow time to rob it of its usefulness and prestige?

Remodeling Your Cypress Swimming Pool is Easier Than You Might Think!

When it comes to remodeling your existing pool, there are several options that you should consider. Some will decide to replace the pool all together, however this is an extreme approach and very often not necessary. The majority of our clients are interested in removing a certain feature or adding a few others.

See Your Old Pool in a New Light

Our pool remodeling clients are amazed at how changing your pool lighting can completely transform your pool design. By backlighting water features, adding modern lighting effects to your pool or spa floor, installing deck lighting to create atmosphere, or even updating to colored LED lights in your pool can all make a huge difference in the look and feel of your pool.

Spruce it Up with Water Features

Did you know that you can add a new water feature to your existing pool? Water features are amazing additions that can really transform your pool and your surrounding landscape. The majority of our remodeling projects deal with standard pools that are no longer meeting the needs of the family. In some cases the pool could have been installed as a base model, and the owner now desires a more luxurious pool. By adding the right water features in just the right locations, your pool can go from bla to beautiful in a matter of days!

Decking- Your Pool Design’s Frame

Just as a painting or picture is improved with the right frame, you can change the style or feel of your pool by updating your decking. If you are interested in changing the decking that surrounds your pool, we can help. Not only can we transform the look of your pool by changing the color of the patio, we can also beautify the existing decking that surrounds the pool. We could install decorative concrete, slate, or brick; the options are truly limitless.

Upgrading or Repairing Your Pool Surface

If your pool surface is cracked, damaged or discolored, you’re probably already interested in pool resurfacing. But you may not realize the drastic change a new pool surface can bring to the look and enjoyment of your pool. With so many pool surface options available today, your pool surface can make water look more brilliant and dazzling and improve the swimmer experience with silky smooth glass or stone pebbling under foot.

Structural Changes

While structural changes are not as common, they are certainly possible and can significantly improve your pool design. Perhaps your pool was originally installed with kids in mind, and is now too small or basic to give you the resort pool experience you’re looking for. We can change the shape, size and depth of your pool to give you the design that best suits your needs and lifestyle now.

All of these changes are real possibilities and may be more affordable than you realize. There is nothing about your pool that we cannot improve. We are proud to handle all aspects of the design and installation and stand by the quality of work. Call us today for a pool remodeling consultation!

Meta Description: Give your Arizona pool a facelift this summer with a few simple remodeling projects. Here are some ideas to help you remodel your pool to make it more attractive and functional for the whole family.