The all familiar chlorine smell has become synonymous with childhood summers. Who doesn’t remember falling asleep after a long day at the pool with the smell of chlorine still radiating from their hair? But recent studies in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Australia and Belgium have caused concerns over whether exposure to chlorine is safe for children. With fears of asthma, lung damage, and cancer looming, many pool owners are looking for a safe alternative to chlorine. Most often that alternative is ozone.

Ozone for Pool Sanitation

Ozone naturally sanitizes and purifies pool water, killing harmful bacteria and viruses and oxidizing oil, make-up and other contaminates for a beautifully clear and safe swimming environment. The benefits of ozone over chlorine are numerous. It’s safer for swimmers, odorless, and does not corrode pool equipment, extending the life of your pool system. So while the initial investment is higher, the long term benefits make it more cost effective over time.

Making the Switch is Easy

Making the switch from chlorine to ozone is easy. By installing an A&A QuikPure 3 ozone oxidation system in your pool, you can reduce your use of chlorine and bromine by roughly 90%. The longer your ozone system is running, the less chlorine you will have to use. While you will probably always maintain some level of chlorine and bromine in your pool to ensure around the clock sanitation, ozone removes the unpleasant and harmful effects of chlorine, making pool water gentler on swimmers and on your pool system. No more noxious fumes, itchy skin or red eyes!

Installing a QuikPure3 ozone system is quick and easy. Give us a call to discuss pricing or schedule an installation- you could be enjoying the benefits of an ozone pool this weekend!