Fall is a glorious time of the year that allows Conroe homeowner a chance to really enjoy their backyard spaces. With the cooler evenings and nights, the fall of the year is the perfect time to sit out on the patio, make a nice fire, and just enjoy the presence of your family. However, we must be honest and admit that we have a few favorites when it comes to fire features. We understand that every home is different and not all of our favorites will be your favorite, but here are a few of the fire features that we absolutely love. 

When it comes to class and simplicity, it is hard to beat a chiminea. A freestanding fire pit that holds a relatively small bundle of firewood, this fire feature is typically made from ceramic and is finished in a terracotta color. It is great for small, intimate gatherings, or for a very romantic evening with your spouse. Sometimes simplicity is the best! 

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, then a gas fire pit might be a great option for you. This fire pit can be built from brick, natural stone, and even concrete. Plumbed with metal gas lines and then covered with pea gravel, this is a great feature that will have all of your friends and family talking. While this feature is a bit more involved than the stand-alone units, this is a very nice addition to any backyard. 

We are also huge fans of torches. Not only does a torch give off a great deal of light, it also serves as a great way to keep annoying insects from ruining your outdoor events. Torches are a great addition to any landscape. They have the ability to draw you into a tropical paradise that you never knew existed! 

The great thing about a fire feature is that it can be custom tailored to fit your needs as well as your home.