Are you planning to design a family recreation in-ground pool this year? There are a handful of kid friendly features that you may want to think about including in the design. It is important to keep in mind that while these options are all kid friendly, children should still be supervised in the water at all times while using them. As you begin to construct your pool plans, think about these top kid friendly pool water features Houston families are crazy about.

  1. Single depth. One of the biggest priorities for people using a pool for recreational purposes is keeping their feet on the pool floor. Both children and adults alike do not want to spend most of their time treading water while they enjoy drinks and play basketball. Many people build a traditional pool with a floor that slopes down to five feet without considering that they could build a pool with a single, shallower depth of three and a half to four feet.
  2. Hybrid pool. Hybrid pools are not on most lists of top kid friendly water features. However, they are a great choice for any family that is interested in a pool for both exercise and entertainment. An L shaped pool is an ideal option for hybrid pools as the short side can be used for recreational activities while the long side can be used for exercise.
  3. Water slide. As you select a water slide, consider the materials, weight requirements, and safety standards. A water slide should be made with high quality materials and should be able to support a maximum of 300 pounds. It should also meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety swimming pool slide standards.
  4. Diving board. Springboard diving boards are the most practical choice for home in-ground pools as they do not require as much depth or space as higher diving platforms. Springboards are available in different heights and can be adjusted to varying spring levels.
  5. Wading pool. Many families who have young children using a pool like to include a wading area. This space allows young children to join the rest of the family in the pool in a manner that is safe for them. It is not uncommon for people to build separate wading pools that they can transform for new purposes as children grow out of them. Spas and fountains are two popular choices for wading pool transformations.

What pool water features are important to you? We’d love to hear from you!