Swimming pools can be a great way for families to enjoy their backyard together, but safety is an important consideration when looking into designing and building a new pool. That’s why we recommend A&A Manufacturing products when building or renovating a swimming pool, and prefer their drain covers over any other brand. Safety takes priority at A&A and that is reflected in the design of their entire line of products, especially their Anti-Vortex Single Channel Drain (AVSC Drain). 

We Invest in the Safest Pool Drains on the Market

Not only is the AVSC Drain fully VGB compliant, but it has been specially engineered to meet the highest safety standard in the pool industry, as certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP). In addition to its safer design and decreased suction, the AVSC Drain also features a Safety Baffle as an added safety measure. Acting as a second layer of protection, the baffle ensures that the swimmer will never come in direct contact with the suction inlet even if an exterior part of the drain were to malfunction or break. 

In addition to being completely safe for all members of your family, the AVSC Drain has incredible functionality and efficiency. The drain works so well, that we only need to install one where AVSC drain where two VGB compliant drains would normally be required. With single and dual inlet models available, the AVSC Drain allows you to plumb two pumps instead of one. A&A Manufacturing products are engineered to keep you safe while saving you money, and the AVSC Drains are a prime example of these principles. By using their products, we are able to create a safer pool environment for you and your little swimmers.