The holidays are coming and this is the perfect time to make your backyard oasis a centerpiece for the festivities and parties that are sure to abound. What better way to showcase your pool area in the winter months than by having a gorgeous display of holiday cheer? Everyone’s taste is different, but there are several great things that you can do to transform your summer paradise into a winter wonderland. The key thing to remember about this time of year is that color is your best friend. Too many contrasting colors can be a bit tacky, but the right balance of color will really make your space pop. 

Some traditions are good to remember and practice. Garland is a time-tested favorite that should always have a place in your decorating scheme. Wrapping your arbor with garland is a great way to showcase the shape of the feature, as well as add a touch of holiday cheer. Along the same lines of garland, wreaths are great for decorating because they are very versatile. Wreaths can be customized with different colored ribbon and ornaments. Placed on your fireplace, a wreath is just what you need to make your outdoor grilling area ready for the coming festivities. 

With all of the lighting that you have around your patio area, why not consider changing the color of the bulbs? This is a great time to add a few red, green, and even blue bulbs. Adding different colored bulbs is not only festive but down right fun. The kids will love the new look and the neighbor’s will think that you have broken the bank on your new design. 

Christmas is a fun time of year for the family, so embrace this time and remember that this is a time to go “all out”. When searching for creative ideas and new ways to decorate, try thinking outside of the box. Don’t fall into the old trap of doing what everyone else does.