The Ice Game

On those hot days when you know ahead of time that you will be going to the pool, you may want to try the “ice game”. The “ice game” is something that will keep your child entertained, and it will also help them learn. The night before your trip to the pool, make some ice cubes, all different shapes if you can. Pack them in a cooler or thermos and bring them along to the pool. When your child gets in the pool, have him take an ice cube in with him and watch it melt. This will help to teach children about hot and cold while also helping to cool them down.

Wading Pool Scavenger Hunt

Another great game that toddlers will love is a scavenger hunt in the wading pool. Bring a bucket and some pool toys and have your toddler search for certain types of toys in the pool. This game will help them learn how to share with other children who may also be interested in the toys that you have brought. If your child is still getting used to going into the water, this may encourage him to wade further into the water than he would otherwise.

Watering the Flowers

The last great game for toddlers involves something they love doing-pouring out water. Bring a watering can or jug into the wading pool or the shallow end of your pool. Float toy flowers (or flower heads from your garden) in the water and let your toddler enjoy filling the watering can or jug over and over again to water the flowers. They’ll have so much fun doing this again and again- but be prepared to get watered yourself!