When choosing custom water features for your backyard, you probably lean towards the soothing sounds and the aesthetic appeal of fountains and waterfalls. But if you have kids, water features can be an endless source of fun and fascination. Here are our top water features that your kids are bound to get excited about!

Splash Pad

If you live in a neighborhood with a community pool, you’ve probably taken your kids to the splash pad on at least one occasion. They’re usually packed with toddlers, babies and children all fighting for a chance to stand in the water jets or stamp on the sprays. But now you can have one in your own backyard for endless hours of uninterrupted summer play! By either extending your patio or creating a separate deck area, we can install an A&A AquaPark Splash Pad system that uses 13 streams to create the ultimate backyard play area. The patented Trio Deck Jet nozzles allow you to fully customize the experience with three different spray pattern settings- Water Jet, Triple Spray, and Fun Spray. These jets are flush mounted into your deck so your kids can run and stamp and crawl without worry. We choose the A&A system over other brands because of its dependable technology, safety features, heavy duty water reservoir and easy installation.

Trio Deck Jet

If you don’t have space for a splash pad, but like the idea of deck jets, we can install A&A Trio Deck Jets on your pool deck or tanning ledge, creating a space where babies and toddlers can sit and play while the big kids splash in the pool. Because their flush mounted, you won’t even notice them when they’re turned off so they won’t detract from the design of your pool area.

So whether you want a simple water feature the kids can enjoy alongside the pool or a complete water play experience, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to discuss pricing or to schedule an installation! If you’re designing a new pool, talk with your designer about adding one of these fun water features to give your kids hours of outdoor water fun!