Owning a pool can be fantastic! Cleaning a pool? Not so much. There are several products on the market that can make pool maintenance easier, but the in-floor cleaning and circulation system from A&A Manufacturing offers complete automation for a truly hassle free pool. Imagine a pool that cleans itself while you relax poolside with a good book, blissfully at ease. No more unsightly hoses, bulky attachments, or hours spent scrubbing tiles and vacuuming your pool. A&A’s in-floor cleaning system does this and more. While it’s true that other in-floor systems exist, A&A’s innovative system has taken in-floor technology to a whole new level, providing incredible cleaning power, improved pool circulation, and 50% savings on energy costs!

The Muscle Behind the System

Every great innovation is made up of several essential parts, and the A&A in-floor system is no different. Behind the pop-up G4V cleaning heads that are built in to the pool floor, the water actuator valve is the muscle that creates the increased water flow and wider surface coverage. 

Unlike other cleaning system valves that are bulky and poorly designed, the sleek low profile of A&A’s Water Actuator Valve allows it to get closer to the pool surface to increase efficiency and save you money. A&A’s Water Actuator Valve capitalizes on cutting-edge design to create better circulation and deliver 45% more flow through each zone of your pool. In addition to cleaning your pool better and faster than traditional piston valve systems, the Water Actuator Valve’s increased efficiency requires fewer cleaning heads and pumps, so it can save you money, too!

Like all of A&A’s products, the Water Actuator Valve built to last. A&A Manufacturing created the project with quality as the central concern, so we have eliminated the traditional supplementary parts like internal screens and external pressure devices to make sure that the required maintenance is minimal. The valve is also designed with convenience in mind, so it can be customized to fit the shape and size of your pool. With superior functionality, the Water Actuator Valve is easy to use and completely adjustable. Feel like taking a swim, but worried about interrupting a cleaning cycle? Don’t worry! Just pause the A&A in-floor cleaning system, enjoy your swimming pool, and resume the cleaning when you’re finished.