A Houston swimming pool is a big investment, the largest that many homeowners make aside from their home purchase. Before trusting a pool builder with your budget and backyard, put them through the paces to ensure they are a trustworthy and experienced Houston pool builder. There are many different qualities you may be looking for in a builder, but these are six things that every homeowner needs to know before choosing their Houston pool builder:

1. Insurance is Important

When you decide to have a pool installed at your home, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of things going wrong. Water lines can be ruptured, power lines can be cut, and issues could persist. While it is a pool builder’s job to keep these issues to a minimum, it is reassuring to know that your pool contractor is properly insured in the event that it is needed.

2. See What Other Houston Homeowners Have to Say About Them

Always research the reputation of your Houston pool builder. This is not the time to take risks or to employ inexperienced workers, so do your homework. Visit popular business listing and review sites Yelp! or Angie’s List, check to see if they have a rating with the Better Business Bureau, and look at their Facebook page to see if comments or Reviews have been left there. This research takes about 30 minutes online, but can save you big heartache (and money!) down the road.

3. Recognition and Association Means Something

Has your potential pool builder been recognized for their work? Have they been awarded recommendations based on their designs or customer service? The answers to these questions should play an important role in your ultimate decision. Ask if they are a member of any industry associations. Industry associations often have strict criteria and rules of conduct that they hold members to. Active involvement in an industry or trade association also shows that they are interested in keeping up with the latest pool industry changes, trends and technology.

4. Experience

When it comes to building a new swimming pool, there is no substitute for experience. Experience allows the pool builder to be prepared for any potential problems that could arise. When you are investing thousands of dollars into your home, you do not want to be a new builder’s learning project.

5. Equipment

Does your potential pool builder have the tools and the manpower to undertake your project? It is very important to qualify all potential candidates in this area since having the best help and tools for the job is essential in ensuring quality and avoiding delays.

6. Attention to Detail

A pool builder is only as good as the ears that they have. A quality pool builder must be willing to listen to the customer, deliver what the customer desires, and work within the confines of the proposed budget.